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I'm not sure how well it would hold beams at sufficient heights, but for HF roving I use a 33 ft fiberglass mast held up with a tripod of two four foot surplus aluminum mast sections for legs, with a tripod casting available from www. goverticalusa.com. Those same four foot mast sections ought to be OK for a mast to hold a small six meter beam.
I can send photos to those who might be interested.

73  -  Jim   K8MR

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don't think the following would represent the best solution, but I too have been thinking about this and thought that I would try to use some of the 1m fiberglass military poles.  My thought was to used adjustable clamps above and below each joint., with a total of 5 pieces that you be a length of 16'-
9".  Which would perhaps give enough height to clear vicinity obstacles, like vehicles, RV, tents, etc

Been working on a 3L 6m antenna and probably just the one antenna to start with.  I believe that this mast would support a HO Loop for 2m and/or 70cm as well.  Perhaps a small rotor could be installed at the 2nd joint.  I think the "Armstrong" rotor with be my initial method.

My biggest concern is managing a scope out pole, as I am now 73 I don't think that I will be getting any stronger in the coming years.  hi hi.  

I definitely would be interested in what others have to suggest.

Jim/KC4HW - EM71 Alabama

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Recently purchased a mast support for Truck receiver hitch.  "Portable" five element beam is in possession.  What type of portable masts are being used that can be easily carried inside pickup bed or short SUV?????

73 W5AJ

The mast support:  https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07ZGBRT61   I'm not recommending it or otherwise, hopefully it works for Rover use - parked. 

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