[VHFcontesting] 222 Activity Night

David Olean k1whs at metrocast.net
Mon Aug 9 19:54:08 EDT 2021

Another Tuesday is coming around (August 11)  That means another 222 
Activity night for all you VHF hounds.  This past weekend was the 222 & 
Up ARRL Contest, and  I get the feeling that I am beating the 222 MHz 
band to death, but I will//be on about 222.100 MHz starting at about 
2300 UT.  There is a slight wrinkle in my plans as there is a moonset 
here at about 0130UT during the evening and KB7Q will be in Wyoming, (A 
much needed state for me and many others) running some EME skeds for the 

After 0130 UT, I am back on looking for terrestrial contacts. This past 
weekend was interesting in that I caught zero tropo in any direction 
from Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. Being in the northern New 
England area, I have noted over the years that the best chance of tropo 
for us can be in mid to late August. As you go farther South, that time 
gets later in the year. When I lived in southern Connecticut, the good 
tropo seemed to happen in September.  Of course, there are always 
exceptions. Anyway, we are getting into the season where it is important 
to check the bands for those elusive tropo enhanced contacts that extend 
beyond your normal working radius. Looking at the Hepburn page only 
hints at what is possible. The best way is to turn on your transmitter 
and make noise.  By having the activity nights, you are encouraged to 
have your setup ready and in working condition.

If you do not have your 222 station in operable condition, now is the 
time as the next six weeks or so can be quite exciting for tropo 
openings. I hope to make some contacts tomorrow night on 222! Be there 
or be square!


Dave K1WHS

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