[VHFcontesting] Parting out a Henry 2002A

Bill Olson callbill at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 18 16:51:00 EDT 2021

Hi all, I have a couple boat anchors here. They are Henry 2002A's that are tuned to 155MHz. They are easily converted to 2M or 222 BUT there seems to be so much LDMOS solid state stuff available now I thought maybe the best thing was to part these out.. There are two major "good" parts

the first is the RF deck. In addition to the housing it has the Compactron socket for the 3CX800A7, the grid and plate collets, bifilar filament choke, 3 100pF doorknob caps and one 1000pF doorknob (5KV), input tuning components, some mechanical linkages etc..

second and most important are the HV power supply components

ECA 1202A (or a Magnaspec 120200A - same thing) plate and filament transformer specifically for a 3CX800A7. This is a beauty!!!!! dual primary so it can be used at 120 or 240VAC and dual HV secondary for either ~2000VDC or 2400VDC at 600mA continuous or 800mA peak. PLUS... 13.5v @ a couple amps filament supply for a 3CX800A7

a pair of EMI 09020207 "flange mount" rectifiers 1.2 amp 12kv. The pair makes a bridge rectifier for the supply

Filter cap bank 8 180uF 450v electrolytics with voltage equalizing resistors.

Bleeder resistor bank 3 x 20Kohm 50 watt wirewound plus a 25ohm 25 watt series HV resistor (this is more like a fuse I think)

There are other small parts that people familiar with these amps know about, Meters, 50watt Zener diode, DC relays (these rigs did not have the RF relays), etc etc etc..

I'd like:
$500 for the whole rig (no tube)
$100 for the RF deck
$300 for the HV/fil transformer
$50 for the pair of rectifiers
$50 for the filter cap bank
$20 for the bleeders
plus shipping

I also have 10 of the 20K 50watt bleeder resistors brand new in box Ohmite at $7 each

The individual pieces can be shipped (HV transformer is heaviest but not too bad), the whole unit is about 80# so is "oversized" for shipping but could still go.

pictures are available for any or all of this.. If any interest, let me know. I will wait to see who wants what and we will go from there.`

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