[VHFcontesting] 222 Activity Night-AJ6T Report

Walter Miller, AJ6T aj6t at comcast.net
Wed Aug 18 23:20:05 EDT 2021

Last night was my second try at the 222 Tuesday Activity Night. I setup 
several skeds on ON4KST, but the only signal heard was from N4SVC (EM80, 
500 miles, FT8, two decodes at -16) operated by N2CEI.  Thanks for the 
try Steve.  Steve reported that he could see my trace but did not decode 
anything.  At 500 miles I was pleased with that result.

I also ran with N1GC (EM95, 361 miles, nil on CW), WA3EOQ (FM09, 494 
miles, nil on CW), and W5EME (EM32, 469 miles, nil on FT8). Thanks to 
Steve, Gary, Howard and Rick for the effort.

I have always been interested in the 222 MHz band, and recently decided 
to chase VUCC on 222 from my new QTH in Tennessee.  Years ago I 
sometimes went mountaintopping in California with an ancient crystal 
controlled 223.5 MHz FM Midland rig, and I was always impressed with the 
tropo range that could be covered by that setup with just a small whip 

I purchased a Ukrainian 10 watt transverter and an M2 10-element Yagi 
and finally got them online just in time for the end of the recent 222 
and Up Distance Contest where I worked NV4B/R EM54vs on CW for my first 
222 MHz QSO in many years.

In the days following the contest I worked W5ZN (FT8, 251 miles) and was 
heard at K5QE (EM31, FT8, 507 miles).  All that warmed me up for my 
first 222 Activity Night last week when I QSO'd AA9MY (EN50, FT8, 299 

Future plans call for a PA and mast mount preamp.  I'll be active on 
Tuesday nights.

73, Walt, AJ6T, EM66gh

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