[VHFcontesting] 222 MHz beacons in the NE

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Hi all, Dave's posting about the 222 beacons prompted me to look WNW for the VE2FUT beacon (now that my rotator works again!). I copy it today about S2 w/QSB on 222.281 (or thereabouts).. At first there seemed to be another beacon in there too maybe a kc or so lower in frequency but I couldn't make it out.. But now I am pretty sure VE2FUT/B is FSK and i am copying the "other half" of the CW can someone confirm this. Weird thing is the QSB peaks on the "two signals" didn't seem to coincide but hey.....

bill k1DY in Maine FN54JQ
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I have been lamenting the passing of Steve K1IIG. In addition to being a
very cool guy, he had some very effective beacons running in FN31. The
222 beacon was far enough away to give a good indication that my gear
was working OK.  Since that beacon went QRT, I only have the K2DLL
beacon in FN23 to listen to. It is 25 to 30dB above the noise, so that
is good, but I miss having something audible to the SW. In the past, the
W3CCX beacon was always copyable up here, but lately I hear nothing from
that area.

It has been a longtime since I copied K3CX/b down in Philly. I found it
on 222.0528 or so.  I heard that W3CCX is gone. Their 222 beacon was a
powerhouse up here and was a great band indicator.

So my question is what are the beacons on the air today on 222? My list was:

K1IIG/b in FN31  222.060   QRT now
K2DLL FN23        222.0492    30 dB typical in summer.
W2UTH    FN12    222.0503    very weak fades in and out.
KO1I/b in FN44   loud here
K3CX/b   FM29     222.0528           not heard in a long time. Is it
still operating?
WA4FC/b      FM17   222.060               Only audible during tropo
VE2FUT  FN25  222.280 (?)         20-25 dB out of noise  NW beam heading

So, I only hear four beacons at the present time and none of them are SW
towards the activity areas.  Any beacons that I am missing?


Dave K1WHS

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