[VHFcontesting] 2304 amps FS

Herb Krumich wa2fgk at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 31 12:24:18 EDT 2021

Just did a final test on my Ericcson 2304 amp.These were modified by Henry KT1J. We build massive amounts ofself contained air into the system.50 watts drive will get you 250 watts output.Since it was used for EME, there is no T/R relay.This amp only requires 120 volts AC and a ground from your sequencer.It is noisy do to the fans.12 volt fans on all the time. And when it goes into transmit,24 volt fans kick in.The unit tested has built in power suppliesNowI have a second amp which also is modified. Only difference is there is no power supply.I would like one person to take both.Shipping would be very difficult. Due to the steel shelf and the PS, it's quite heavy.Surely I don't have a box for thisI am asking for $1,000 for both, which of what I understand would be very fairPictures on requestWith this amp and my 12 foot dish, big echo's off the moonHate to sell this but life has expiration dates73Herb K2LNS

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