[VHFcontesting] Moving people on FT8

Marshall Pochay wd9exd at comcast.net
Mon Feb 1 21:43:00 EST 2021

Hello All, I went into ft8 today and played around with the 1 free message  available on the 2nd page of  wsjtx, It looks like we have 13 characters available to us there, So this is what I came up with, Sending (qsya150wd9exd) QSY (obvious) use arrl vhf modes A =50 B=144  C=222 D=432  E =1296 etc. so a150 is 50.150  b174 is 144174 c100 is 222100 d174 is 432174 d200 432200, Now my call being large eats up letters, With short calls you can mix it up a little, Also answers rrrqsynow or rrqsywd9exd. WB8LYJ/R would have to drop the r but I dont think thats a big deal. This would probably only work for contesters, This would have to be done  after the initial  qso was completed so wsjtx could log the 1st qso and it wouldnt screw that qso up, Or you could call me again after we worked and I would let the computer answer you again and at that time you could change the message to show what frequency you are looking for, So dont be so quick to hit me with a dupe msg, Now I think we can do this with the one  free text message available, I still think maybe we could get the wsjt people to give us another page, I got greedy asking to change page 2 ,If they could ad a 4th page with places for 6 or so messages we could preload a couple and modify a few as we needed them. This is a THOUGHT, Please test it out, Im not big on the free msgs yet but I see a few out there that are pretty fast, If it looks doable we would have to get the word out, TNX 73  Marshall WD9EXD 

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