[VHFcontesting] moving ft8 contacts

Marshall Pochay wd9exd at comcast.net
Wed Feb 3 20:55:23 EST 2021

For some reason when I  reply to a email it gets kicked back,I have to start a new thread sorry, Hello NJ4Y thanks for stopping in, I have seen those frequency messages flying past on 6 and 2 ft8, Everytime I see them I wonder who there for, Like Terry said and I didnt know this until he pointed it out and it makes sense anything generated from the page 2 messages is kinda like throwing it up in the air and maybe the right person,(Your Intended target ) will see it. And at that point if he figures it out that its for him how does he figure out who is at the other end, The only clue he has is the direction of his antennas and maybe the senders frequency. So yes maybe he can qsy over to 2 meters and maybe someone will be there but there is a possibility that  frequency message was intended for someone else and propagation dropped it in you lap. I played with it some more yesterday, Thinking maybe if I could insert the qsy string in the tx2 area of the top page or the tx6 area, My thoughts where start the contact and slip the qsy string during the other stations transmit sequence. HaHA, Nope ,Bet the programmers are cracking up on that one,WSJTX program kicks out my text and puts back whats supposed to be there.LOL. .,Another reason for having all that info out there, Could possibly somebody else copy that qsy info in the same area as the target and follow the qsy like in the good old SSB days?, Maybe by moving one station onto 432 mhz you might find a few more.Yea Im a dreamer,LOL. The good news is I can put the 13 digit qsy string onto the front page and it will send, The question is if im watching k8gp cqing how do I get his attention without being able to engage him, One thought would be get on his freq and just send the qsy text, Thinking he would decode the text and see it on his own freq and know hey thats for me from wd9exd,Another option would be  let the computers engage then halt it and send the qsy code, Im sure the contest rate  gang wont like that option, My reason for taking a run at this is i missed out on a few regulars on 222 and 432  W5ZN being one of them, As with everybody else FT8 has us scrambled,My 222 and 432 count down in em57 isnt great,I can work 10 to 15 qsos and grids on both bands but half or better are probably coming from rovers.I beleive we can still use page 2 text message to tail end on your first qso, This would be for the guys you know you can work on the other bands but you just cant get them there,  So thats where im at anybody have any ideas? TNX Marshall WD9EXD

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