[VHFcontesting] KX3 IF rig firmware question

Drew Arnett arnett.drew at gmail.com
Wed Feb 17 10:50:17 EST 2021


I love using my KX3 as an IF radio for transverters from 144 to 10G.
(I listed a bunch of the awesome reasons why on the SBMS list in

I had firmware 2.38/1.37 installed for a while.  Had to send in for
hardware repair.  Came back with 2.90/1.52 firmware installed.  (That
was the latest at the time of repair.)  Unfortunately, there's a FW
bug which affects transverter use.  (Details here:

While waiting to see if Elecraft will fix this, the only thing I could
do is downgrade the firmware.  So, if you are using a KX3 as an IF
radio, please reply to me and let me know:
1.  firmware version (mcu/dsp)
2.  the bug described above is or is not present

I don't need reports for 2.90/1.52.  Elecraft was able to reproduce
the issue.  More than happy to take a tally, though.

Thanks and best regards,


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