[VHFcontesting] Fwd: Seeking Documentation: DC Electronics EXP-1 PLL experimenters kit

K4IDC@comcast.net robink4idc at gmail.com
Fri Feb 26 15:27:20 EST 2021

Many years ago I purchased an EXP-1 PLL experimenters kit from DC
Electronics. I recently unearthed the unbuilt kit from the bottom of a
storage tub and I'd like to proceed with the building of it. However, I
don't seem to have the instructions/documentation. I'd very much like to
hear from anyone who might have and be willing to share the
documentation with me, or anyone who can point me in the right direction to
said documentation.
It seems that DC Electronics is no more. I can only find references to that
vendor and references to the EXP-1 in connection with DC Electronics.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Robin Midgett K4IDC

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