[VHFcontesting] Missing LoTW Grids

Mike Fahmie wa6zty at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 10 10:40:15 EDT 2021

I downloaded a list of QSL'd contacts from my LoTW account and wrote a program to sift through them. I found that almost 5% of my 3000+ 6m contacts were confirmed without a specified GRID, which means that they are useless for VUCC awards.  Evidently, those stations did not include their GRID in the LoTW 'Station Location' data. You can check (and edit if needed) your 'Station Location' by going to the TQSL program and selecting Station Locations on the menu bar, selecting your location, then clicking on 'Display Station Location Properties'.  You can then click on 'Edit a Station Location' if you need to add/correct anything. 

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