[VHFcontesting] 222 MHz night

David Olean k1whs at metrocast.net
Tue Jul 20 13:38:05 EDT 2021

Hello VHFers and 222 addicts.

I have been out straight either cutting down big trees, or fishing.  
While working on my destroyed tower, my ladder lost its' footing and 
started to slip and fall. I scrambled down, and jumped when I saw it was 
going down. I landed hard on my feet and both my knees hurt quite badly. 
Well, a few days later, I went fishing in a stream with way too much 
water in it, lost my footing (weak knee) and sat down in the stream just 
enough that about 2 quarts of water ran down inside my waders. I was 
soaked but kept on fishing. I had nothing going on as all the streams 
are blown out by excessive rainfall. The fish were hiding and hanging on 
for dear life. My fishin' trip was a waste of time. My solution is to 
rest my aching knees, stop fishin' for a few days, and enjoy life. , 
What better way to follow that advice, than to get on the 222 MHz band 
for the evening! It is 222 tuesday, and I will be around 222.100 
starting at about 7 PM.

Last week was memorable for the fireworks happening on 144. There was 
even double hop propagation. I think that has only happened once before 
in recorded 144 history! The net result was that activity was sparse on 
222, but as the Es died, many people still got on 222 MHz and made some 
noise. Thanks to all who QSYed after the opening faded.

I will be monitoring the ON4KST chat page this evening, and maybe Ping 
Jockey too. We are now in a fantastic time for MS contacts on VHF.  I am 
looking forward to an MSK144 QSO on 222. In the past, I have done CW, 
SSB, and then FSK441 contacts.  If anyone is around 1000 miles from 
Maine and wants to try, I am willing and able! I figure that running a 
few skeds is less dangerous than tree cutting, tower removal, and fly 


Dave K1WHS

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