[VHFcontesting] [222Activity] 222mhz activity for 11-09-21

David Olean k1whs at metrocast.net
Wed Nov 10 14:43:33 EST 2021

Hello Jim and 222 ops,

Thanks for providing another 222 MHz report, and it is gratifying to see 
some regular activity on 222 MHz around the country.  That is a pretty 
good list of activity  from the PNW.   I was active on Tuesday evening 
from southern Maine, and had a ball operating on 222 SSB & CW.  I think 
I made about 18 contacts and was delighted to see conditions improve 
over the past Tuesday.   We had fairly stable conditions and it was 
great to catch up with many friends and have short chats, while also 
looking for some distant DX contacts.  I got to thinking that having an 
evening where I could exercise my VHF gear and talk to old friends at 
the same time, is a great way to spend an evening and that such 
activities were in danger of disappearing. Regular nightly activity was 
getting pretty rare!   On Tuesday's I get to talk with K1PXE, who I 
first met on 144 MHz AM in 1962. That is almost 60 years ago. Pete is a 
regular on 222 MHz along with many others with similar stories.   Having 
all of these hams show up on one evening for the purpose of promoting 
activity makes for a special evening.  W1GHZ, W1AIM, VE2XX, W9KXI, 
KO4YC, WA3EOQ, WA3NUF, KJ6T, WW2Y, AA9MY, W5EME and W1XR tend to show up 
on most Tuesday evenings. There are many others who also show up on 
occasion and add to the fun. K2DS was very active before he picked up 
stakes and headed for warmer climes in Florida. While up North, he had a 
small yagi perched on his balcony just to get in on the fun.

I am sort of rambling here, but what I want to say is that we can make 
VHF ham radio whatever we want it to be. The camaraderie of the hobby is 
well known, but was in danger of becoming MIA on VHF, as our lives got 
more complex and social media became all encompassing.  All we need to 
do is to take a bit of time and maximize the benefits of some regular 
activity on some of our higher bands.  I am indebted to all who have 
participated in any of the 222 Activity Evenings. You made many hams 
happier in the process!

Last night, I had some great contacts. VE3DS had a pretty good signal 
from Toronto.  W1XR in FM19 had a great SSB signal.  The WNY boys were 
loud as well. WA3EOQ in FM09jo made it all the way to my receiver from 
extreme western Maryland. His 90 watts covered 502 miles which still 
amazes me.  I missed KO4YC along with a few of the regulars on the band, 
but it was fun knowing that they were on and working others and having fun.

Thanks to all!

Dave K1WHS

On 11/10/2021 11:02 AM, k7nd wrote:
> GM,
> Stations hrd or worked or reported:
> K7MDL  CN88
> VE7HR  CN89
> W7BA
> K7ND
> and on FT8:
> KB7ME  CN85
> W7BA
> KC7OOY  CN82  worked by KB7ME  CN85
> nasty wx on Tuesday.  Hope everything stayed up in the air.
> can't seem to hear VE7HR or KC7OOY.  abt 150ft of 7/8 heliax.  maybe 
> time to finish pre-amp for tower.
> 73 all until next time
> Jim K7ND
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