[VHFcontesting] Tuesday night is 222 Night!

David Olean k1whs at metrocast.net
Tue Nov 30 15:23:29 EST 2021

In just a few hours, you will have your chance to exercise your 222 MHz 
VHF gear as the Tuesday night activity hours are upon us for November 
30th.   The goal is for anyone and everyone with 222 gear to turn it all 
on at once early Tuesday evening and see what happens.  On the East 
coast, it seems that 7 PM local time signals the start of the 
activities. I try to be there at 0000 UT  which is 7 PM EST, and call CQ 
on 222.100 looking for other stations. Being in northern New England, 
there are a few stations that are easily heard, but most are located in 
the New York City- Washington DC corridor and it takes awhile to find 
many of those stations as much antenna turning is involved. The activity 
lasts for about 2 hours or sometimes more if conditions are really 
good.  I try to be there until after 0200 UT.

To be honest, conditions lately have been really poor, but that does not 
stop many of the die hard DXers in our bunch to stop trying! The ON4KST 
Chat Page is a good gathering place. The 222 ops use the 144/432 Region 
2 Chat page choice. Be sure to mention 222 in any postings as there is 
usually some 144 activity going on there as well.   If you are far away 
from any activity, you could try a sked with FT8, Q65, or even meteor 
scatter with a station well outside of your area.   The ON4KST page  is 
a good spot to set things up.

So don't forget to make an appearance on 222 this evening. The more that 
show up, the more fun it is!  Don't be shy!


Dave K1WHS

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