SARTG -'97 and the RttyRite Program

Jay Townsend
Sun, 17 Aug 1997 09:59:00 -0700 (PDT)

Well I have just finished up some extensive tests with the Version
8.02 program. Under Win95 with the new Win95 update. It worked
absolutely flawlessly.

Not a huge test but the Network worked well and the packet is surely
the answer for those running in the assisted class.

IMHO, I think Rttyrite and this version should be archived as it
seemed to work very well here. Its one of the things I do when I find
a version that does what I want. I put in in a zip file and save the
entire thing so that I can get back to it.

In order to be useful for some M/S contesting there needs to be
further development. In particular "true Transmitter Lockout", when
and if that's done a really cool feature would be "mult lockout" and
a "10 minute timer" lockout.

If you violate the 2 signal on the air rule, if you violate the 10
minute rule, and if you violate the mult rule then you should be
reclassified as a M/M station.

So to be "truely" the cadiallac you have to pass packetcluster spots
over the network! (Way to go Wayne!), have a mult bell (Way to go
Wayne), have the serial numbers work (way to go Wayne), and have a
true lockout ability.

If the problem with lockout is the terminal units (which I am sure it
is) then you can probably handle it with a token. Much like token
ring technology in networking. Certainly the thing can be done under
Win95 (I would scrape Win 3.11).

We used to do the same thing with a big stick...I got it....No, I got
it....this led to the development of Push-to-Talk (PTT) true lockout
which we used at WA7EGA, HD8CQ, HD8EX, for years. You couldn't work
even mults for a long time.

In fact, HD8CQ, was accused to having two signals on the air, by a
big M/S out of the Indian Ocean area. Luckily for us, Roy, KT1N, the
contest manager was present and was able to assure all parties that
this was a physical impossibilty, which led to the circuit being
published in the RTTY JOURNAL.

I had flawless operation (other than operator head-space as I tried
using some of Ron's secret keys [in the box]) for SARTG. The way
things now load is great. All-in-all Wayne you've done one heck of a
good job....keep at it!

BTW my score is nothing to write home about. 69 QSo's....we were
battling two Forrest Fires in the Spokane area all weekend.


Jay Townsend, WS7I < >