Using Lockouts in Rttyrite S/W

Ron Stailey, K5DJ
Thu, 31 Jul 1997 01:34:27 -0500

Several users of Rttyrite would like to use the lockout function in Rttyrite
and haven't found a way to activate it as yet. I have been asked to write 
something on how to activate and use lockouts in the Rttyrite program when 
using two radio's or as a M/S..  First there are two different ways to use

1. True lockouts are when one station is keyed the other station will not
   key at all until the first station is un-keyed.

2. (The other I have nick named Reversed lockouts, because of not knowing what
   else to call it. hi) Using reverse lockouts when one station is keyed and 
   a 2nd station keys up the 1st station quits sending immediately. 

Both methods has it advantages.  As a single/Op using 2 radio's I personally
like the reversed lockouts. Mainly because when your sending an exchange and 
you come across a new mult you can cut off the first radio and go after it,
or wait until the important part of the exchange has been sent and cut off 
your "de K5DJ" part of the exchange.. I used this method during Roundup this
year well over a 100 times and not one single station asked for a repeat of
what I had sent.. 

During a Multi/Single I feel it's better to use true lockouts because you 
would be cutting each other off all the time.  

When you receive Rttyrite it comes setup for reversed lockout, however Wayne
W5XD says there are ways to have true lockouts if you want it that way.. If 
you have a question about true lockouts list it on the reflector and Wayne 
will take it from their.. 

To activate lockouts in Rttyrite:

"First you must have your computers networked". Rttyrite uses eithernet for 
networking. (I might add it's the best way to go for networking. We could go
into why it's best after we finish this discussion.) After your computers 
are networked together. Mouse click TOOLS on the logging window.. Example:
Writelog File: SARTG97 (if that's the contest your doing next.) At the
bottom of this window you will see "Network transmitter lockout" click  
on lockout and you have lockouts activated.. There is no way you will 
ever have two signals on the air at the same time with lockouts activated..
If you don't have networking activated the "Network transmitter lockout"
isn't highlited.
We're in the process of enhancing the already outstanding capabilities to
include the ability to do lockouts for multiple radio's on a single computer.
For all of you that we have been talking with, that want to run four radio's
on two computers Ver-8.02 will solve the lockout problems.. All you will 
need is better conditions to use that many radio's..  Wayne is working on 
some s/w for better conditions now.. hi :-)  

BTW-- Many of you have ask for a clock to be on the screen for Win'95 users.
Here is the fastest way to get a clock until we add a clock to the program.
If you still have Win 3.1 or 3.11 on a different H.D. or know someone that 
is still using Win 3.1 or 3.11, take a floppy and get a copy of "CLOCK.EXE"
It works fine under Win'95, I'm using it now.. You will have a clock where
ever you want to put it.. We will add a clock in one of our later versions..   

 Any questions!!!

  Later, de Ron K5DJ