Rig Control

Bob Stolberg ks9w@uss.net
Fri, 26 Sep 1997 13:00:15 -0500


In the Options menu do the port setup, then go to Bands in the log entry
window and then set frequency&mode, set up the Log the frequency of QSO's
using:  by select the comport you are using for the rig control.

Also check your writelog.ini file to make sure the comport info in correct
your rig and comport speed. 

After you get it setup don't forget to do a save in the file menu.

GL, Bob

> From: George McCrary <geo@ipass.net>
> To: rttywrite@larry.wu3v.net
> Subject: Rig Control
> Date: Friday, September 26, 1997 12:18 PM
> I absolutely can't seem to get Writelog to work with my TenTec Omni VI.
> won't recognize it's exsistence. The rig control does work with other
> Windoze programs.
> Any suggestions on rig control?
> 									Thanks,
> 									George (KQ4QM)