Announcing WriteLog Ver-9

Ron Stailey, K5DJ
Sat, 18 Apr 1998 13:18:05 -0500

          WriteLog Contest S/W for Windows Ver-9 is now finished.

 1. Ver-9 has had a face lift to it's viewing screen docking and undocking
    allows much easier viewing of: Band Summary, QSO Window, Status Bar, 
    Check Call, Rate, Great Circle Bearings, Super Check partial, Band Map,
    Status Bar, Search and pounce memories, on one screen.
 2. Super Check partial: Call signs have been color coded, Calls than have 
    been worked on other bands are now Green, Calls that are dupes on the 
    band you are on are still Red, calls that haven't been worked are Gray.
 3. Correlations of Ver-9 is now Check Call, showing every qso with a single
    station and serial number etc on each band. 
    You can also have selected RTTY or CW/SSB call sign in memory selected.
 4. Split Screen: Seeing all of the log is impossible unless you have a very
    large monitor. Split Screen allows you to see the most needed parts or 
    breaking the log down into two parts for viewing. It's real handy 
    especially for WAE test seeing QTC's etc.. 
 5. Beam Headings: You now have Direciton, Distance, Reverse Bearing and your
    long path Direcion. 
 6. Auto CQing: Now works like CT's, Auto CQ mode stays active. ALT+T sets 
    auto CQ mode. ALT+T turn if off. The status bar also shows CQ speed in CW
    mode and whether Auto CQ is on or off. In RTTY mode it shows ON or OFF..
 7. The Packet window: Has an option to set it to single opr, or can be setup
    for Multi/Single where run station gets one band and the mult station get
    all the other bands. Multi/Multi's can get spots for the band they are on.
 8. All Ver-8 (.CNT files) can be transfered to Ver-9 (.WL files)..
 9. Most important: WriteLog supports two radios in both RTTY & SSB with only
    ONE Sound board 16 bit or better.. 
  Price: All previous users can upgrade to Ver-9 for $25.00..

  There is a Dayton special price of $50.00.. This starts now and will last
  until after Dayton.  After Dayton the price will go up somewhat for new 
  users.. The $25.00 upgrade price will stay the same..

WriteLog has helped introduce many operators to the fun of contesting on
the digital modes.  It's support for RTTY using any Windows compatible
sound card makes joining the RTTY game as simple as plugging in a few
audio cables,  and WriteLog can "print" almost anything!  Head to head
tests with other software show WriteLog performs the best under all 
Windows compatable sound card (16 bit are better) makes joining the RTTY 
game as simple as plugging in a few audio cables. 
Jump ahead of your competition and (order today). See how WriteLog can
make contesting more fun and improve your score.

                       WriteLog Version 9 Features

                             New in Version 9

                            Better RTTY copying
                          Improved User Interface
                          Sound board voice keying
                            New check call window
                          Support for ADIF log export
           Two radio operation with one sound card in SSB & RTTY modes
                             Runs under Windows 95 

                          Supports all major contests 

                          ANARTS WW RTTY Contest 
                          ARRL Sweepstakes 
                          ARRL 160 Meter Contest 
                          ARRL 10 Meter Contest 
                          ARRL DX Contest 
                          ARRL VHF Sweepstakes
                          ARRL VHF QSO Parties
                          ARRL UHF Contest
                          ARRL RTTY Roundup 
                          BARTG RTTY Contest 
                          California QSO Party (inside CA)
                          California QSO Party (outside CA)
                          CQWW DX Contest
                          CQWW WPX Contest
                          CQWW 160 Meters
                          CQWW RTTY DX Contest
                          European DX Contest (WAE)
                          European DX RTTY Contest (WAE)
                          Field Day (All modes CW,SSB,RTTY,VHF,UHF)
                          IARU HF World Championship
                          Internet RTTY Sprint Contest
                          JARTS WW RTTY Contest
                          North American Sprint 
                          North American QSO Party 
                          North American RTTY QSO Party      
                          SARTG WW RTTY Contest
                          Stew Perry, W1BB, 160m Distance Challenge
                          TARA RTTY Sprints Contest
                          World Wide RTTY WPX Contest

                         General Purpose Logging Modes

                         General DXCC logging 
                         DxPedition Mode
                         Field Day-(with all modes CW,SSB,RTTY, VHF,UHF)
                         Automated voice transmission using your  
                         Windows-supported sound board. 

                         Sends CW using COM/LPT port 

                   Full Packet Interface and Spotting Support
                   Radio Control for Kenwood, Yaesu, Icom, Ten-Tec, and JRC
                   Color Coded Band Map
                   Fast Ethernet Networking
                   Partial Call Checking
                   Uses Same Master and Country Files as K1EA's CT
                   Two Radio Support Includes Control Signals on LPT Port
                   Extensive on-line context sensitive help 
                   Flexible data export to database, spreadsheet, or ASCII 
                   Reads CT bin files 
                   Professional quality reports and summaries on your
                   Windows-supported printer 

                   All major RTTY contests supported. 
                   By-continent color-coded multiplier displays. 

                   System requirements for WriteLog 

                   Windows 95
                   Runs on Windows NT (but no support for HAL boards, 
                   CW transmission, or any LPT support) 
                   3 MB of hard disk space 
                   8MB RAM minimum. >16MB recommended 
                   Runs on 66 MHz 386 
                   RTTY (sound board transmit/receive) needs 100MHz 
                   486 or faster. 

                   WriteLog Ver-9 is ready for downloading or requests 
                   for disks..

        73, de Ron K5DJ
        Phone- (512) 255-5000