writelog enter-key function

a.yoshida a.yoshida@my.email.ne.jp
Tue, 01 Dec 1998 10:44:05 +0900

Hello friends

I am a cw contester and user of writelog v9.14
I have tested it for a month.

(1)Is there any way to display function of each f-key?
   ex f2=exchange f3=his call etc
(2)Is there any way to customize enter-key function just like
   "cq mode"  pushing enter key,then send cq or his call and
              confirming message. 
			  This is almost OK under v9.14.
   "serch/pounce mode" pushing enter key,then send my call or

Those are very helpful for a old age contester Hi
If there is no way now,plese add those function in later 

73 de aki
a yoshida  ja1nlx