Paradox Database

Lloyd Smith NX4W
Wed, 2 Dec 1998 11:23:21 -0500

Hi Joe:

ADIF Format is the best thing that ever happened for logging programs.
There are at least 25 logging programs that have picked up the format.  If
they haven't then they are probably afraid that they will lose more
customers then they will gain by using it.  All you do is save your Writelog
log in ADIF format and if your logging program supports ADIF imports you are
all set.

I use Logic for Windows and I not only have the choice of importing or
exporting in ADIF format, but I can also choose which fields to import or

73' Lloyd

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Hi Jerry, instresting on the way you are importing your Writelog contest
file into Access.  I have been importing the contest files into a Dbase
III logging program that I use and to do it I had to write a program to
translate some of the fields to the proper format for my log.  My
logbook wants the "Band" and I have to translate the Freq to get the
band.  I think that you could do the same thing with an Access VBA

Wayne went to all the trouble of outputting a ADIF format file, but I
have yet to find out how to use it.  WF1B used to have the format on his
webpage, but it is not there.    Would be easy to write a little program
to read the ADIF format and put it into any database.

I had tried to use the Paradox Database but the relationships between
the tables that Wayne used was not too clear.  Let me know if you need
any help or if you have anymore ideas on what would be good for the
group to think about.

Joe K0BX