Jerry Pixton
Mon, 28 Dec 1998 10:51:02 +0000

Don's messages on networking prompted me to set my computers up for a
backup logger since my main radio computer has had a rash of hard disk
write problems which I do not know if they are cured or not - in the
process I got rid of Win NT in favor of Windows 98 so I could get the
parallel port for radio use.

Having used it for a few contacts, in my general qso log I now have
duplicate contacts in each log from each time I "linked" They are properly
marked as all from the same workstation and they are marked with a red D
for dupes. It looks like the contacts are being appended instead of
merged???? Has anyone seen this?

--------At any rate, Don if you go back to TCP/IP here are a couple of
tests that you can run to see if the TCP/IP protocol is working.

First you need to have all computers running in the same IP network with
unique IP addresses for each - so let's say you want to use network for your three computers. And for example, lets assign to Don, to tech and to dhill.
Then you can set up each computer by going to the network icon in the
control panel (start, setup, control panel, double click on network icon),
select the line that says "tcp/ip -> Intel Etherexpress ..." (by the way, I
think that when there is only one adapter you see just "TCP/IP") then
select properties and "Specify an IP address. Set in the IP number chosen
and set the netmask to and click ok a few times to get out
(may need to restart).  Having done that at each computer then you can
test. (From your descriptions I would guess that the two computers from
work have IP addresses on the same network and "don" doesn't have any.)

First make sure that you have link lights at your hub and also on the
Network card if there. It sounds like that part was ok

Second run a series of ping tests (start, programs, msdos prompt, cd
c:\windows, ping to see if the protocol stack in running, then
ping (if you are sitting at "don") to see if your nic is ok
and then ping one of the other machines or 3 If this all
works then the TCP/IP network is healthy.

But it seems that NetBeui is much easier to use as long as all machines are
in the same workgroup. If you can see all machines when you click on
Network Neighborhood then NetBeui and file sharing are all OK. If running
Windows NT there is another long help note to set it up but since I just
removed NT I didnt try it. It took longer to find the help files and read
them then to hook up both computers.

Jerry, W6IHG
Dr. Jerry R. Pixton, PIXOS Designs