WriteLog Logs for RTTY WPX Contest.

Ron Stailey, K5DJ Ron-Stailey@easy.com
Fri, 20 Feb 1998 00:10:56 -0600

I'm getting several requests on how to make a TEXT file from a CNT file..
Eddie W6/G0AZT & Wayne K7WM are the log checker this year for RTTY WPX test.

Eddie can't use a .CNT file, mainly because he isn't smart enough to know 
how to convert it. hi (I'm jokeing) :-)  You must convert it I assure you
he doesn't have time to convert logs he get lots of WPX logs every day. 
Here is what you do..  It's very simple.. Bring up the program select 
WPX98.CNT (or what ever you named it..)  Then click Multipliers (in the 
logging window,) Click Score, at the bottom of the page you will see: 
"Create ASCII prefix listing in WPXPREF.TXT"  Click on that box, then 
click OK.. When you click OK you will then have a WPX98.TXT in your
C:\Ham\Contest file. That is what you need to send Eddie.. Now go back 
and click Multipliers again then click Score again. This time click on 
Create Summary sheet.. It will display in Notepad, name it yourcall.Sum 
or something like that, so Eddie will know what it is and who it's from. 
It would ba a good idea to remame you WPX98.TXT to yourcall.TXT also. It
would save Eddie and Wayne a lot of time. Send both to Eddie as a zipped 
or attached file and your done..  

You can also send you log to Wayne K7WM he is a WirteLog user in every 
contest.. If necessary he could convert your .CNT file.. Wayne's address 
is: k7wm@redrivernet.com - Eddie's address is: edlyn@global.california.com 

    73, de Ron K5DJ

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