WriteLog's New Ver-9.09

Ron Stailey, K5DJ Ron-Stailey@easy.com
Sun, 21 Jun 1998 17:01:48 -0500

  This is a free update for all Ver-9 users.

Here are some odds & ends Wayne has been able to do while traveling 
lately.  You will need to have Ver-9.08 for Ver-9.09 update to work.


Display score using localized display settings (puts commas/periods 
in scores 3 figures).

Added sunrise/sunset to great circle bearing calculator. This will give 
you Gray Line for what ever call you have in the call window.. Also use 
left and right mouse buttons on great circle display to customize it..
All are active when you install Ver-9.09.. To customize Great Circle
point your mouse at Beam Headings and "RIGHT" click. Then you will be
able to customoze to your likings.. 

Rearrange supercheck geometry-fit more calls. Make a bit faster.

Added FT-920 rig driver.

Throttle timed CQ to the rate requested.

Forbid saving files to .WL extension unless its a file format WL can 
read. (to keep folks from destroying their log files)

Add right mouse button context menu to speed up log view.

Fix WPX prefix calculation routine.

Many of you new users are having problems changing modes. To change 
modes, in the call window just under where is says Radio: 3500 KHz CW, 
when you first start the program and select a contest then save it and
name it, click the square where is says 3500 KHz CW, then you can click 
on what ever mode you want to operate in.. 

Good luck to all in Field Day, I ll see you in the pile.

 73, de Ron K5DJ & Wayne W5XD