Raj Singh VE6RAJ
Thu, 25 Jun 1998 15:19:06 -0600

Hi Jay:

I got mine to work just after I got Writelog as there weren't any RTTY
contests in the immediate offing. It works slick, I just can't get used
to hearing my own voice when my gums weren't flapping. The only thing I
had to do was make sure the program knew where the .wav files are. You
do this in the rig control window. The rest was easy.

I believe that besides recording just the numbers and alphabet, you can
also record 2 letter combos; for e.g. you can have a sound for W and one
for S; and you can also have one for WS. Gives you a little more

I will be on from VE6EX Sunday morning, hope to work ya - but no RTTY
this year.

Jay Townsend wrote:
> Has anyone gotten all the SSB functions working with a SB card ?
> I am going to be recording these things this evening I guess and
> wonder if there are any hints and kinks ?
> Jay WS7I
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