WriteLog Logs for RTTY WPX Contest.

Bob Crossland bcross@bellatlantic.net
Sun, 01 Mar 1998 17:41:10 +0000

Art Charette wrote:
> Ron
> There must be some reason that writing f i l e s is squirreled away under
> Multipliers instead of in f i l e s. I ran across it purely by accident
> because I just could not believe it couldn't be done and went prowling. Yet
> it seems to me that, like the rest of the Windows world, "Save File As"
> under "File" would be a really great place to put submission options.
> CT has a good idea here, it just writes them all at once. Any we don't want
> we can delete. Good idea to implement in a future upgrade of WriteLog.
> 73 Art K6XT
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> From: Ron Stailey, K5DJ <Ron-Stailey@easy.com>
> To: Rttyrite/WriteLog Reflector <rttywrite@larry.wu3v.net>
> Date: Thursday, February 19, 1998 10:36 PM
> Subject: WriteLog Logs for RTTY WPX Contest.
> >I'm getting several requests on how to make a TEXT file from a CNT file..
> >Eddie W6/G0AZT & Wayne K7WM are the log checker this year for RTTY WPX
> test.
> >
> >Eddie can't use a .CNT file, mainly because he isn't smart enough to know
> >how to convert it. hi (I'm jokeing) :-)  You must convert it I assure you
> >he doesn't have time to convert logs he get lots of WPX logs every day.
> >
> >Here is what you do..  It's very simple.. Bring up the program select
> >WPX98.CNT (or what ever you named it..)  Then click Multipliers (in the
> >logging window,) Click Score, at the bottom of the page you will see:
> >"Create ASCII prefix listing in WPXPREF.TXT"  Click on that box, then
> >click OK.. When you click OK you will then have a WPX98.TXT in your
> >C:\Ham\Contest file. That is what you need to send Eddie.. Now go back
> >and click Multipliers again then click Score again. This time click on
> >Create Summary sheet.. It will display in Notepad, name it yourcall.Sum
> >or something like that, so Eddie will know what it is and who it's from.
> >It would ba a good idea to remame you WPX98.TXT to yourcall.TXT also. It
> >would save Eddie and Wayne a lot of time. Send both to Eddie as a zipped
> >or attached file and your done..
> >
> >You can also send you log to Wayne K7WM he is a WirteLog user in every
> >contest.. If necessary he could convert your .CNT file.. Wayne's address
> >is: k7wm@redrivernet.com - Eddie's address is: edlyn@global.california.com
> >
> >    73, de Ron K5DJ
> >
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I also would really like to see all required files somewhat
"automatically" written as in CT or NA.  I must admit, I went crazy
trying to write the proper files after my first contest using the
program (then again I didn't have far to go).

Just a suggestion from a newbie at RTTY.  From talking to you in the
past Ron, I know you will take it constructively and not as a knock on
the program.  In fact, I talk this program up every chance I get.

Take care.

Bob, N3IXR