Glenn McLeod
Fri, 20 Mar 1998 16:27:45 GMT

At 02:47 3/20/1998 +0000, you wrote:
>I guess I am missing something here, but isn't part of the
>requirement to copy the exchange?  If the time isn't part
>of the exchange, we could just have the program put it in
>like the 5nn.
>Windows95 has a nice clock at the right hand bottom of the
>display bar.
>Good luck in the contest.
>Joe K0BX
Ah Joe,

        Me thinks you are to logical, Sir Joe  :-)  You have not fought my
Dragon called Acer 166. Now don't get me wrong Acer 166 is a good dragon and
takes good care of the people in his world very very well. But there is an
enemy of Dragon Acer called time and a related cousin called RF that seem to
fight. When they fight Dragon Acer becomes very unpredictable and chases
time all over the place they can travel back in time then charge off into
the future. All of the other Bytes that live in Acer's world become very
excited and log all kinds of strange times. Thus as the want to be Master of
Acer's world I would really like to get control of the Acer world clock
today no luck RFI must be the guilty Quark. So for now I keep as many clocks
going as possible in the heat of ye old contest of jousting in the digital
ether I need to be reminded that the only key to my world that the contest
director give a dam about  is my call/ your call and the time. 

        It becomes a little difficult to convince the person checking the
log that  all the times in the middle of the contest are rally in the right
sequence even though the date/times are for 3 days before the contest
started. Hi So any and all on screen reminders of time are welcome. When I
see that the clocks are out of kilter with what is coming in I stop. I then
run Atomtime or DX Monitor and reset the system clock. Had to do this little
jig  43 time in the WPX RTTY and had to throw away my log for the RU and
rebuild it from scratch. 

        Anyone reading this, that has a solution as to why DRAGON ACER
changes time with out notice, will be given the tile  Master of  Dragon Acer
and give the powers and perks of this Anciant and Royal Office. No other RFI
problems live in this world and I am not sure the problem is RF related. The
clock just takes off  one reason or an other. 

73 to all sorry about the transmitted draft.

Glenn     VE3GLN