Upgrade 9.14 now ready

Ron Stailey, K5DJ Ron-Stailey@easy.com
Tue, 3 Nov 1998 13:00:32 -0600

We have finished upgrade 9.14 this upgrade has sever fixes and request 
changes.  Wayne also added a Operating ON and OFF times to the Rate 
Window.. You can download upgrade 9.14 at:


  Upgrade/Changes/New features are:

Version 9.14	November, 1998

Add QSX to outgoing packet spots when rig is split.
When saving the "Tools Return to Freq" from the rig, keep the old frequency 
if the rig is still at the location set previously by grabbing a packet spot.
Changed "Shared Sound Board" to "Stereo Sound Board" to make it more obvious
what's going on.
Alphabetize Pennsylvania counties.
Update CTY files to match latest CT files.
Improve font selection in Rttyrite.
Make packet, Rttyrite, and writelog rig control never use flow control.
Fix PAQP and CQP file export to put a space between points and section.
Add rig drivers for IC-746 and IC-736.
Fix IC-756 handling of splits.
Fix handling of splits for all Yaesu rigs.
Increase network transfer speed to about 500 QSOs/sec.
Make WAV file processing detect differing wave formats when building a call 
sign or number message and abort the message rather than generating
scrambled audio.
If you started the network and changed operators for the first time in a 
certain order, the OPERATOR column would not get repeated across the network
Icom rig drivers return split state if PC set split state until rig is retuned.
Some Yaesu rig drivers set PKT mode instead of RTTY mode if that's what the
driver read the last time it polled the rig.
Set DVK PTT output to off on initialization.
Added time on/off calculator and display in Rates window.

  73, de Ron, K5DJ & Wayne,W5XD