Douglas R. Frie
Mon, 09 Nov 1998 21:31:50 -0500

Just wanted to say that after working a few hours in the SSCW contest, I
found Writelog to be SUPER! Even tho I haven't been ably to key my radio
thru the serial port yet, the logging/duping etc were fantastic! I am
hoping to put in a 'serious' effort for the SSB portion, so I have some
work cut out....successfully can key mt rig with audio.
That's an interesting radio (TS-870) is connected via serial
port. In rtty and ssb (rtty is afsk) the rig keys without vox enabled. I
wonder why it will not respond in the cw mode? The program indicated the
call etc being sent, but the rig does not respond.
Anyway, felt I had to put in my $.02 regarding how much I like Writelog
and the great support from the author(s).