Version 9.14 Questions after CQWW CW

Jay Townsend
Mon, 30 Nov 1998 08:13:09 -0800

At 10:58 PM 11/29/98 -0700, Jim - KK7A wrote:
>This was the first non RTTY contest in which I used WriteLog.  Normally I
>use TR but wanted to give the "Windows" program a try.  I was very amazed
>at how clean the CW was since it is running on top of Windows/95.  Solid as
>a rock is one way to state it.  I did come up with a couple of
>questions/suggestions to the program.  Hopefully, it will not turn into a
>"read your manual" thread, but here goes.

Sorry Jim, it will.

>- It would be nice to set the values on how fast the calls disappear from
>the band map.  When operating in S&P mode, it is nice to keep them around
>for at least 30 minutes or so due to the big guns calling CQ for hours on
>the same frequency.  It appeares they disappear in about 10 to 15 minutes.
>A configurable value would be nice.

[From the Help File]
 WriteLog normally enters stations so that they will automatically be
deleted from the map in 20 minutes. You can change this number as
DefaultTimeoutSeconds under the BandMap section in WRITELOG.INI.

I changed mine to 30 minutes as well :-)

>- After turning on alternate screens, such as Super Check Partial, Band
>Totals, Check Call, etc. and moving them to preferred postions on the
>screen, exiting the program and restarting causes me to have to do this all
>over again.  Anyway to save my preferred screen layout?

Save your screen's by SETUP SAVE CONFIGURATION and that will write it to
and it will be there next time.

You'll find version 9.20 much easier to find some of this stuff in when its

73 Jay and BTW the entire Spokane-Pasco-Baker PC network is down at the

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