Ver-9.13 Now is now ready

Ron Stailey, K5DJ
Tue, 6 Oct 1998 00:20:27 -0500

Version 9.13 is ready. Here are the major new features/bug fixes:

  Wayne has added the "Gab" and 2nd radio frq requests..  You can
  now see what frq all stations are on when doing multi/single,
  multi/multi or multi/two operations.  There is also a "GAB" feature
  so you can move mults from band to band more easly. It works real 
  well.. It is especially nice when doing a multi/multi and several 
  stations are in other rooms..
WriteLog Update 

Version 9.13	October, 1998    (Bug fixes)
Dumb TU was not working properly on Windows NT.

Multi-transmitter lockout was not working properly on 2 radio w/1 

Network frequency display. A new view allows each station to see 
the frequency of all the other radios on the network. Each station 
can also add a display string for its radio.

The Entry Window responds to right mouse click with a menu.

Network gab.

Bandmap knows about stations working split.

Fix bug in both California QSO Party and Pennsylvania QSO party for 
out-of-state entries. If you do a File Save and then later File Open 
the file, it has forgotten what contest it was for.

View Network Frequencies

Selecting this menu command shows/hides the network frequencies display. 
Each row in this display is a radio on the network. It shows the network 
letter assigned to the station, the operating mode of the radio (CW, SSB, 
FSK, etc.), and the transmit and receive frequencies of the radio. If the 
radio is connected for control by WriteLog, this display will track the 
radio as it is tuned. If the radio is not connected, but instead the 
operating frequency is being manually entered by the operator at that 
station, then Network Frequencies shows the last entered frequency. But 
if two minutes elapse without a QSO on that radio, the frequency is 
removed from the display. It will re-appear when the next QSO is logged.

Network Frequency Display Tag

Use the Tools Network Frequency Display Tag menu (or right click in the 
Entry Window) to set the display string that the other stations in the 
network will see along with your frequency when they turn on View Network
Frequencies . You can set this display tag to, say RUN, or S&P so others 
will know whether to move stations to your current frequency. If you are
operating split, the letter S appears between the display of your TX and 
RX frequencies.


Upgrade 9.13 is at:  

 If you have any problems getting 9.13 let me know..

  73, de Ron K5DJ