Hawaii in CQ WW 160 CW?

W. Wright, W5XD w5xd@alum.mit.edu
Sun, 31 Jan 1999 21:38:17 -0000

yes, this is a bug. however, its not as bad as it looks. it really is
giving you 10 points for the KH6 QSO. Just imagine the ":" is a "10".

To confirm, in the log window click on the KH6 QSO to highlight it.
Now type the X key. Your "Pts" total in the band summary goes down
by 10. Type the SPACE and you get your 10 points back.


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Subject: Hawaii in CQ WW 160 CW?

I am using Writelog 9.21 for CQWW-160 CW.  Hawaii QSO's are not scoring 
points, and I only get a colon : in the points windows.

I have tried entering HI and KH6, with the same result.  Am I doing 
something wrong?  Rules say KH6 and KL7 should score as DX not states.

Thanks and 73,

Herb - KG6OK