[WL-USERS] Problems with rig control/IC756/Rocketport

Mike Mellinger (WA0SXV) wa0sxv@mellinger.com
Mon, 5 Jul 1999 15:57:32 -0600

I am using an Icom IC756 with a CI-V interface to COM4.
Com 3-6 are using a Rocketport ISA 4-port serial board. 
Operating system is Nt 4.0 SP5.  Speed is set to 9600 baud.

Rig communicates fine using DX4WIN and ICOM control
programs on this port.  When using Writelog, Writelog can
set the radio, but receives nothing from it.  The Rocketport
port monitor shows idential control signals whether DX4WIN
or Writelog is in use.  When using writelog, all signals are received
with "FRAMING ERROR".  This problem has been duplicated
on two different computers running different CI-V interfaces and
different IC756 transceivers.

If I switch the 756 to COM1, everything works fine.  But I need
to dedicate COM1 to the UPS control.

Anyone have any ideas on this problem?