[WL-USERS] Windows

Preston Graham Preston Graham" <w4fda@pobox.com
Wed, 2 Jun 1999 16:04:13 -0400

Thanks Ron for the info.  Others on the list have already given me similar
info, so now I know.  Might be a good idea to incorporate that info in the
help files for future users who, like me, never had ver. 8.  So far I think
is an excellent program and I'm sure it will only  improve with future
versions.  73, Pres W4FDA

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> >I used the WriteLog program in the WPX CW contest the past weekend and
> found it to be excellent.  But, I am stymied by one problem that I will
> attempt to describe. I opened up several windows for the contest and place
> them where I wanted(after many false starts).  Even changed some of them
> during the contest as I was mainly interested in getting familiar with the
> program after many years with CT.  All of the windows have this one thing
> common, the heading is missing.  I can get the heading to show up by
> the mouse pointer over the window until the rectangle shows up and double
> clicking.  However, the window then jumps to another part of the screen.
> When I grab it, either by the rectangle or with the mouse pointer on the
> heading, the window moves but leaves the heading behind(which then
> disappears).  So I'm back to having the window where I want it but with no
> heading.  I've searched the help files and tried everything I know to no
> avail. I have the latest version, 923G, and the computer is a P2 350
> Win98.
> > Appreciate any input.  73, Pres W4FDA
>   Preston it sounds like you want it like it was in Ver-8.. In ver-9 any
>   window you have thats docked won't have a hedder at all, making more
>   room on you screen for other windows.. However you can still do it that
>   way if you want. Move everthing out of the docked area to open screen.
>   all will have a hedder.. Leave the log only in the docked area.. You
>   can have the Call Window, Super check, every thing with hedders if you
>   want it that way... I think you will like it bocked better..
>     73, de Ron K5DJ