[WL-USERS] Setting up a "everyday use" log

Brad Bradford kz5q@bellsouth.net
Mon, 07 Jun 1999 04:11:23 -0500

Hi Barry, This is off the web site, I had planned to buy DXWIN 
when all that crap started about having to explain if you wanted
to put on another computer. I have been with Prolog since 1993,
and have had to get my disk and or number a few times. I have 
My #1 Plaque on Phone and don't need but 3 confirmed plus working
the P 5 for the # 1 all cw. Have 7 single band WAZ and about 300
or more every band and mode. So I don't need DX Win, I just thought
I would try it and see how it played.

No need for me to get on the Reflector to say these things, there is
enuff disharmony now with out starting any.  I just wish they had 
worded their statements a little more carefully. I know of several
like my self that scratched them off and will never buy.   I had 
heard good things about them, I don't know it so or not. I can do
everything that DXWIN can dp plus a bunch more with Prolog. It is
a Dos Program but I run it in windows. There were some things I did
not like about DXWIN, I don't remember what they were. I would have
had to play with it to see if I could have worked around it.

But if you like it fine, and everyone else that wants it fine. I
got the writelog strictly for rtty contesting and might try it on
cw all I have heard is good and I have not seen any bull on the
reflector, the fellows that developed this program seem to have
their act together. Very accommodating, I was impressed the other
day when Wayne said he would look right into something then. That
is being on the ball. 

Sorry to say, I have not played with it yet, I got it and had to
raise tower and antenna for 1st time in over 7 years, been on
wire, Got in just a few days and the 950SDX went kaput, So it
is gone and no Writelog til it gets back.  Then maybe I can
sing some praises like everyone seems to do.

73 & best of DX

Brad   KZ5Q

N1EU wrote: into DX4WIN.  Another imp't point was that for DXCC
> , DX4WIN was the way to go.
> 73,
> Barry  N1EU