[WL-USERS] FSK Stop Bit Setup

Michael_Joens@Millipore.com Michael_Joens@Millipore.com
Mon, 21 Jun 1999 15:34:59 -0400

No problem. I was just cautious, as I said, in making the fix available to
others in case there had been a problem I'm not aware of.

Michael, K1JE

"Ron Stailey, K5DJ" <k5dj@contesting.com> on 06/21/99 13:35:11

To:   Michael Joens/NA/Millipore
Subject:  Re: [WL-USERS] FSK Stop Bit Setup

  Michael, you may be right. When I checked Waynes msg it had a [WL-USERS]
  in front of the FSK Stop Bit Setup.. I listed it again in case it wasn't
  listed before.. Thanks for keeping me on the right track.. I do forget
  things. hi

   73, de Ron K5DJ

>I looked back to the emails I received on June 5th, and the only one I
>could see was the one that was addressed directly to me. Wayne had asked
>to evaluate the fix ("please try the following"). I don't think it was
>posted on the reflector before, but maybe I did miss it.
>This is not criticism in any way, I just figured I let you know. Not
>seen it posted, I was cautious publicising it to others. Since the
>question, I have changed rigs and I moved FSK output to COM5, with no
>problems to report. Thanks again for the fast support.
>Michael, K1JE
>"Ron Stailey, K5DJ" <k5dj@contesting.com> on 06/20/99 22:40:02
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>Subject:  Re: [WL-USERS] FSK Stop Bit Setup
>  The posting for FSK Stop Bit Setup, was posted on the reflector on
>  Jun 5th, sri if some missed it, here it is again...
>   73, de Ron K5DJ
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>Subject: RE: [WL-USERS] FSK Stop Bit Setup
>Date: Sat, 5 Jun 1999 16:55:05 -0000
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>Please try the following:
>(((Michael, K1JE and several others said it was working fine.)))
>1. download this:
>2. unzip it into your \programs folder. It will replace rttyrite9.exe
>3. now try the stop bits.
>My results are uncertain. WriteLog does not drive the COM ports directly,
>but depends on proper operation of the Windows device drivers. I tested on
>both Windows NT and on Windows 98 (just one machine of each) and
>a. the Windows software documentation (SetCommState call if you care)
>clearly says:
>"The use of 5 data bits with 2 stop bits is an invalid combination, as are
>6, 7, or 8 data bits with 1.5 stop bits. "
>b. Windows NT behaves per the documentation--a scope shows 22 msec stop
>with a setting of 1 and 33 with a setting of 1.5. And the driver refuses
>set 2 stop bits--it returns an error.
>c. my Windows 98 machine does NOT behave per the documentation. It sends
>stop bit for a setting of 1 or 1.5, so I tried 2 and lo and behold the
>driver reported success (huh?) and 1.5 stop bits appeared out the serial
>It appears that Bill Gates and company have as much trouble telling the
>truth in their documentation as he does in depositions.
>The code I'm asking you to test, attempts to set 2 stop bits. If that
>it tries 1.5. I have no idea how many machine/OS combinations this might
>work on. It works on the NT and 98 machines I have to test with. Please
>me know what it does on yours.
>The stop bit setting could also affect receive behavior. The driver could
>very well set the UART such that fewer than 2 stop bits (44msec at 45
>is a framing error. If that happens, then we have an even bigger mess.
>Ron: this mod affects folks running one of the following in their "TU
>menu settings ONLY!!!
>     FSK on a dumb TU (Hal-8000 for example)) or
>     FSK with a sound board setting (NOT AFSK!)
>It does NOT affect anyone running any other TNC.
>     Wayne, W5XD