[WL-USERS] FSK Stop Bit Setup

Michael C. Joens joens@thecia.net" <joens@thecia.net
Sun, 13 Jun 1999 23:45:34 -0400


After this weekend's ANARTS contest, I can again confirm that Writelog held 
up well. Apparently, all stations I called could copy me just fine. While 
it isn't possible to directly attribute that to the stop bit fix, I had no 
stations who were S9+ here that couldn't copy me (= the tell-tale sign that 
the signal timing or shift is somehow not correct). With 334 QSO's and a 
total score of 3.8 million, statistically there would have been at least 
one station that couldn't have copied the old stop bit timing.

If you anticipated possible receive side problems, I have none to report. 
Some of the really weak stations were hard to copy, and I had to use the 
"sorry" key a few times, but overall performance was the same as I'm used 

BTW, since I last gave you a station description, I upgraded to an Icom 
IC-756. I don't know whether you keep that information in a test record of 

One thing happened a few times (3 or 4 times): WriteLog hung with a "Server 
not responding" message. I've seen this one at work before, with completely 
unrelated software (obviously...). It's a pesky problem, since it can oly 
be fixed by Ctrl-Alt-Del'ing out of Writelog. Didn't loose any data, just 
answered yes to load the unsaved qso's after the re-boot. It doesn't seem 
to be a Writelog problem, more a Win95 / DLL / OLE bug. Haven't been able 
to track this one down at work yet, either. This weekend was the first time 
I ever saw this "server not responding" message at home. It's not a network 
issue (PC isn't networked), but a client-server problem or something like 
that. I'm just reporting it for completeness' sake. It's very intermittent 
and I didn't take a screenshot because I just wanted to reboot and move on. 
If I ever find the solution to this mysterious problem (at work), I'll 
update you, of course.

Again, thank you very much for correcting the FSK timing problem. As a 
Quality Engineer with a EE degree, I can't help being a perfectionist... 
and I'm quite happy transmitting a clean signal with perfect timing.

Michael, K1JE