[WL-USERS] Kenwood TS-570D & Write Log Help.

Michael Albers malbers@colby.ixks.com
Sat, 12 Jun 1999 18:10:17 -0000

I am trying to configure my Kenwood TS-570D with Write Log for RTTY.  I
currently have my computer sound card connected to the 570 for PSK31.  With
the same setup, I can receive RTTY in Write Log, but I don't seem to be able
to transmit RTTY.   The 570 keys up and shows power out, but I don't receive
any response.  I have Write Log set to send Sound Card AFSK.  I have the 570
set to FSK.  Do I need to make the interface that attaches to the FSK pin on
ACC Jack # 2 for this to work?  The Com port I am using to key my rig is set
up per the info in May QST page 42 on PSK31 interface.

I would like to be able to wire the 570 & computer so that I could use both
PSK31 and Write Log without having to use separate interface cables.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Mike K0FJ