[WL-USERS] RTTY/PSK31 Memory Loss

dphillips@shra.org dphillips@shra.org
Tue, 8 Jun 1999 8:57:00 PDT

Don't remember if I let you know, but your solution worked.... must have been a
 corrupted file.

I noticed in ANARTS that I have a problem mentioned on the reflector... when I
change from RTTY to PSK31 to RTTY, I have to reboot the program to regain rig

I've convinced our FD group to change over to WriteLog.... will let you know
how it goes.  

Thanks again for a great product

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From: "Ron Stailey, K5DJ" <k5dj@contesting.com>, on 6/8/99 12:30 AM:

At 09:23 6/7/99 PDT, you wrote:
>I recently upgraded from WL 9.2 to WL 9.3, at the same time I changed rigs to
>an Icom IC746 somehow, I lost the ability to transmit the memory messages in
>RTTY/PSK31 (F1, etc).  I can transmit from the keyboard fine, but nothing
>happens when I hit the F Keys.  Have I forgotten something? or has the
>Dana Phillips

  Never heard of this one before. Only suggestion right now I can think of 
  is to make sure your cursor in in the call window when you hit the F Key.
  are you don't send anything..

  Tell ya what lets try a fresh full version download. Something sounds 
  wrong here and I have no idea what is happening.. Below is the address:


  Unzip it and type setup.exe and it will over write what have..  I think 
  that will solve the problem.. Hope so anyway.. hi 

  Let me know..

   73, de Ron