[WL-USERS] Writelog with HAL DXP38

Herb Rosenberg herbr@netcom.com
Sun, 6 Jun 1999 11:04:16 -0700 (PDT)

Just started trying to set up Writelog for use with the HAL DXP38 that I 
purchased at Dayton.

I think I was told to use the DSP-4100 TU type, but wanted to double 
check that.  

Also, I noticed that when I select that, I get a colorful tuning 
indicator screen that pops up, but don't see anything in the 
documentation regarding it.  Any comments about its use?

Also, would appreciate any tips for using the modem with Writelog.

Also, I am thinking about playing around with 2 radios, and I assume that 
I can have one radio controlled by Writelog using the DXP-38, and the 
other radio controlled by Writelog with my KAM Plus.  Is this correct?

Any other comments regarding 2 radio contesting for RTTY would be 

Thanks and 73.

Herb - KG6OK