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Mon, 29 Mar 1999 15:34:49 +0000

Eric - I just built a CW/FSK (which includes PTT) interface from a COM 
port. WL does not support FSK from an LPT port. I used the optos, but 
for some reason it wouldn't key the FSK circuit in my FT-1000D. 
Switched to a 2N2222 equiv on the FSK line only, and it works fine. I 
really don't think optos are necessary, but I followed the 
schematics in the docs anyway. Used simple transistor switches with 
CT for years...
73 Barry

On 29 Mar 99, Rosenberg.Eric@orbcomm.com <Rosenberg.Eric@orbcomm.com> 

> Has anyone built a 3-in-one interface (PTT, CW, FSK) for WL or the other
> contest programs using a single serial port?
> I've been having problems with my parallel port optoisolated CW/PTT
> interface (RF feedback, I think) and am thinking about dumping the entire
> kludge and starting again.
> Are optos 'required', safer or otherwise have an advantage over a simple
> transistor circuit for the serial port?
> Any advice is greatly appreciated!  [btw, rig is Ten Tec Omni-6+]
> Thanks in advance,
> Eric W3DQ
> rosenberg.eric@orbcomm.com
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