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Dick -- your interface shows the CW and PTT as being the same interface
(i.e., the same pins) from the serial port.
Using  the parallel port, I had separate outputs for CW and PTT.   To
assert PTT on the Omni-6+, I would still have to
go from the RS-232 port to the PTT input (i.e., grounding it).

The WL on-line helps says:

"DVK Type The NA Interface is line printer port based. If you choose
Multimedia, though, WriteLog
          provides the ability to key your transmitter for voice
transmissions. For LPT, WriteLog
          asserts pin 16 on the line printer port during voice
transmissions. If you select Windows
          Sound Board, but no LPT port, then WriteLog attempts to send the
appropriate command
          over the comm port to key your rig if your rig supports this

Can I assume that your interface -- using the same line for PTT and CW is
doing what is referred to above?
I'm not sure how I configure WL for using the a different serial port for
PTT than rig control.

A confused thanks from

Eric W3DQ

"Dick, N1RCT" <n1rct@megalink.net> on 03/29/99 07:41:55 AM
 To:      Eric Rosenberg/OCCVA                                
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 Subject: Re: [WL-USERS] CW/PTT/FSK Interface                 

   Eric, I've added the circuit to my simple-transistor RTTY PTT/FSK
article on:


  It's a minor addition to get CW from writelog .. 73 de dick

At 11:14 AM 3/29/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Has anyone built a 3-in-one interface (PTT, CW, FSK) for WL or the other
>contest programs using a single serial port?
>I've been having problems with my parallel port optoisolated CW/PTT
>interface (RF feedback, I think) and am thinking about dumping the entire
>kludge and starting again.
>Are optos 'required', safer or otherwise have an advantage over a simple
>transistor circuit for the serial port?
>Any advice is greatly appreciated!  [btw, rig is Ten Tec Omni-6+]
>Thanks in advance,
>Eric W3DQ

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