FW: [WL-USERS] K5ZD Review in April NCJ!

Randy Thompson k5zd@ma.ultranet.com
Tue, 30 Mar 1999 04:53:38 -0000

See comments below re summary sheets.  I agree with him.


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Randy --

There isn't a lot of interesting written material floating around the ham
radio stands these days.  NCJ is one of the better ones -- which is why NCJ
gets a good going-over whenever it comes!

I enjoyed your review for a couple of reasons -- first, it was well written
(not always the case in all too many of the publications I receive); it
wasn't the all-too-common (at least in the commercial press) PR 'placement'
article; and while I am a WL user, I learned a lot from it!

Now if I only had a station like yours and similar skills (not to mention

The most intriguing part to me was your favorable comment on the WL summary
sheets. I think they're terrible and have been somewhat unsuccessfully
trying to put together my own set.  The CQ WPX one in particular is, well,
incomprehensible.  I'm wondering if you modify the templates or otherwise
change what Wayne's included.

Again, I enjoyed the review!

Eric  W3DQ


"Randy Thompson" <k5zd@ma.ultranet.com> on 03/27/99 11:02:57 AM

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 Subject: RE: [WL-USERS] K5ZD Review in April NCJ!

Thanks!  You are the first to comment on it.  Was beginning to think that
no one had read it.


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> Subject: [WL-USERS] K5ZD Review in April NCJ!
> For those who haven't seen it, Randy's comprehensive review of
> WriteLog was
> published in the most recent issue of the National Contest Journal.
> It's both an excellent review and a great overview of the program.  I
> recommend it to all new and prospective users (there lots of interesting
> tidbits included).
> Good job, Randy!
> Eric W3DQ
> rosenberg.eric@orbcomm.com