[WL-USERS] Serial PTT-FSK and CW

Rosenberg.Eric@orbcomm.com Rosenberg.Eric@orbcomm.com
Wed, 31 Mar 1999 00:30:30 -0500

I've been given lots of interesting interface ideas, most of which are
driven by he parallel port.  N1RCT's is the best...use a single serial port
-- TXD (pin 2 of  a DB-25 for FSK, and then DTR (pin 20) for cw *and* PTT
when in FSK mode.

My question is whether PTT wired this way will work when I use the SB card
on phone.  The WL manual only shows PTT on the parallel port.   Radio
control is off a separate comm port.

Thanks in advance,

Eric W3DQ