[WL-USERS] Adjusting Log Times???

N1EU n1eu@yahoo.com
Mon, 31 May 1999 12:55:13 -0700 (PDT)

I hope everyone had a blast in WPX cw.  I just got
WriteLog up & running with my Omni 6 Friday morning,
and I was very impressed with the software after
trying to scramble up the learning curve.

Well one oversight of mine was discovering half-way
through the contest (duh) that WriteLog was adjusting
my computer clock from EDT to GMT.  That would
normally be appreciated, except my computer clock is
already GMT!!!

So I now have a log with times that are off by 4
hours.  Before I go through the steps of exporting the
log & massaging the data in a database program
(Microsoft Access), just wanted to check if anyone
knows of a built-in WriteLog function to shift all
long entries by -4 hours?

Tnx & 73,
Barry  N1EU
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