[WL-USERS] Writelog Networked Frequencies Box

Ric Plummer ricp@ultranet.com
Sun, 30 May 1999 00:44:00 +0000

This is an aid in the MM environment to show that the designated station is
actually running.
From the Help file :

The R column indicates whether the radio is Running (calling CQ) or
searching & pouncing. A radio is considered to be “running” if it has
logged at least 2 QSOs within 400Hz of its current frequency and within the
last 10 minutes.

When you want to pass a mult you can know if the frequency they are on is
where they are running or if it is just a transient dial position.

73, Ric KV1W

Herb Rosenberg wrote:

> I am using Writelog for M/M, and I have the Networked frequencies box
> enabled.
> I notice that in the box, their is a field label R, and the R field has
> an R in in.
> Can't seemed to find out what this means.
> Any ideas?
> Herb - KG6OK