[WL-USERS] Ft 1000mp User Settings for afsk

Jerry Pixton jpixton@shentel.net
Sat, 29 May 1999 20:53:29 +0100


At 07:43 PM 5/26/99 -0400, you wrote:
>  I would like some information on the proper set up of the user option
>of the FT1000mp for running rtty(afsk) in the LSB mode.  I would like to
>use the audio out and phone patch jacks on the back of the rig. Im
>running writelog and rttyrite.  
>Is there anyone out there that is running rttyrite on afsk (lsb)with the
>Ft1000mp that can give me a few tips?? 
>Thanks in advance for the help.
>Mark  NU8Z
>ps. I would us the packet port, but have no more com ports to key the
>PTT. Im going to run off the VOX.

I am using the FT1000mp with Writelog and Winrity. I also use a Kam Plus
for other digital modes. 

I have the Kam Plus wired into the RTTY connector and use FSK or cw keying.
To use the Kam for RTTY I place the FT1000mp mode switch to RTTY and
receive the terminal output on Com1 to be displayed in rtty window. Setting
TU type to Kam.

I use the Data In and Data Out pins on the Packet connector to go to my
sound card thru 1:1 isolation xformers. When I want to use soundboard for
RTTY I select the PKT mode on the FT1000mp and set TU type to SoundBoard
AFSK. This connection works great for psk31 mode also just by selecting
bpsk on Winrtty mode menu

Writelog talks to the FT1000mp on com2 and commands all push to talk
functions so I don't have any other PTT needed. I also get a cw keying
signal from the com2 line in parallel with the Kam Plus keying line.

I have tried the audio out and the Patch In connectors for the sound board
also but have migrated to this configuration. I just use the audio out jack
to go to a RTTY Tune crosshair indicator now. 

My next mod before field day is to use the DVS2 connector to get digital
voice set up with my soundboard in parallel with the PKT connector. Then
when I put the mode switch in USB or LSB the FT1000mp will talk to the
sound board via the DVS-2 connector and the RTTY and PKT connectors are
muted. So the FT1000mp will do all the switching. 
Dr. Jerry R. Pixton, PIXOS Designs