[WL-USERS] Correct Super Check Partial and CTY file for WPX

Ric Plummer ricp@ultranet.com
Mon, 24 May 1999 15:54:45 +0000

The CTY file with the lastest update ( 9.23G) is current as it gets.
Jim AD1C will issue new ones, but haven't seen any for WPX specifically.
Take a look at the CT site on contesting.com for the master.dta SCP file
Ric KV1W

Herb Rosenberg wrote:

> Would appreciate finding out the source for the latest / most correct
> files to be used with Writelog for Super Check Partial and CTY for the
> upcoming CQ WPX CW.
> Thanks.
> Herb - KG6OK
> herbr@netcom.com