[WL-USERS] Writelog Band Map Increments

Ric Plummer ricp@ultranet.com
Mon, 24 May 1999 02:27:42 +0000

You can add the PixelsPerKhz line in the BandMap section of the writelog.ini
This will allow you to set it up as you wish.
73, Ric KV1W

Herb Rosenberg wrote:

> I noticed that on my Bandmap, the increments for each tick mark on the
> band map is 1 khz.  I thought when I saw Ron demoing Writelog at Dayton,
> he had like 5 or 10 khz increments for each tick mark.  I can;t seem to
> find where this can be changed, and I would like to change it.  With the
> 1khz spacing, a full vertical screen band map only covers about 25khz on
> my screen.  I thought Ron's screen covered 50khz or more, in half the
> space.
> Any help would be apprecaited.  I tried deleting the bandmpa section in
> the writelog.ini, but it still defaults to the 1khz increment per tick
> mark.
> I am using the latest 9.23 version of Writelog.
> Thanks.
> herbr@netcom.com