[WriteLog] WPX Plaque Sponsors

jay jay@ieway.com
Tue, 04 Apr 2000 10:58:56 -0700

This morning the bogged down Plaque Man, Ron, K5DJ, who is wearing so many
hats that his bald head is completely covered asked that I put out this note.

The 2000 WPX Plagues need to have their sponsors pay for them right away. Ron,
K5DJ needs to get them ordered for presentation at Dayton.  In order that the
WPX RTTY plaques don't become extinct. Please drop Ron a note via email and
send in your payments.

Its  k5dj@writelog.com

I think that Ron also has some spare plaques that need sponsoring if you
have the desire to do so. Contact him again via email if you are interested.

In order that our long sucessful program continues with the rapid delivery
of the plaques its necessary that those who are involved do so timely if at
all possible.

Ron does a bang up job on all the WW RTTY WPX, and the CQWW/NDJ plaques as
well. He is a bit under the guy so would appreciate your help.

Looking forward myself to seeing many of you in Dayton.

73 Jay


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