LU5OM lu5om@arnet.com.ar
Sun, 16 Apr 2000 16:16:08 -0300

Ref. SBlaster Live
Many tks for the prompt reply.
I have tried all combinations plugging input and output jacks:
I can receive and transmit rtty and psk but have no PTT. I havbe to press
MOX before going on the air.
Both receivers tuning aid operate but in rtty there is no cross bar
indication (just a dot in the middle) and although copy is perfect even on
weak signals the green and grey lines appear to be "weaker" than they were
with Sblaster 32.
I am using the ft1000mp and a board with the necessary lpts and coms +
Windows 95...Pentium 166 mhz.
My pc external speakers reproduce CD music normally but I cannot hear
anything from the radio itself.
I am using the packet socket in the back of the 1000mp.
If any one is willing to guide me through this I could exchange emails
directly rather than bothering everyone with a simple setup problem.
You are all very kind. Thank you again
Manuel LU5OM

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